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Same-day, next-day appointments

For established patients who become ill and/or recently discharged from the hospital and/or recently visited the ER.

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Primary Care Physician in Hollywood

When you’re looking for a primary care provider for you and your family, you want to be sure that you’re finding the best primary care physicians of Hollywood. Dr. Rothstein and his staff want to make sure you can count on your doctor for friendly and efficient care every time.

General Practice For Your Medical Needs

Finding a different office for every medical need your family has can be a hassle. Not every busy parent or family member has time to bring their kids to a doctor, a pharmacy, a specialist, and other medical professionals. A quality primary care physician will be able to address as many of your medical needs as possible in a single, timely visit.

When handling your care, we want to make your path to health as simple as possible. Dr. Rothstein offers a variety of treatments from one central location, simplifying care for you and your family. At our Hollywood office, we can help you with all your primary care needs, including regular check ups for the entire family, medication management, regular screening, and more.

Convenient Location For You And Your Family

Our office understands that when you need medical help, you want to receive attention as quickly as possible. Waiting for an appointment can be irritating at best, and potentially unhealthy or unsafe at worst. That’s why our office is conveniently located for you, giving you easy access to some of the top primary care physicians of Hollywood. Dr. Rothstein offers same- and next-day appointments for regular patients or patients in need of quick care, because we want you to stay as healthy as possible, and that means access to quick treatment when a fast response is needed.

Dr. Rothstein and his staff want the absolute best for your family medical care. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our office in Hollywood FL, contact us today at 954-963-6530 or visit our office at 4030 Sheridan St. #A, Hollywood, FL, 33021.