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Benefits of Seeing the Doctor Regularly. It Might Save Your Life.

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It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in. You could be the mother or father of a couple of young kids, an empty nester, or somewhere in between. Family physicians are important to visit frequently. In the United States, it is estimated there are one billion colds each year (that is an average of about three per person). In addition to the common cold, family doctors often see illnesses such as strep throat, high fevers, and other ailments.

Many families skip their regular medical doctors visits because of a perceived lack of time or money. However, there is significant evidence that shows regular doctor visits can save you both time (because you won't be sick as much during the year) and money (because you won't be paying for large problems that were left untreated). Here are some reason everyone should be getting regular checkups with family physicians:

Significantly Lower Healthcare Costs: Heading into a doctors office for a regular checkup is relatively cheap, especially with good insurance. However, even without insurance, a regular checkup is one of the most cost-effective health practices you can participate in. In order to understand this, you have to think long term. Regular health checkups help eliminate the risk of major health problems developing that can both be very dangerous and very costly. In some cases, having a regular checkup with your family doctor can help you avoid surgery, medication, and other costly expenses.

Kill Disease Early: It's no secret that the longer a disease or sickness has to develop, the worse it gets. Regular check-ups with a family physician can help diagnose a disease before it spreads and turns into a serious condition. This is also true of diseases that have not yet manifest but might, according to key indicators. For example, a doctors visit might help you recognize that you are developing high blood pressure and need to make some lifestyle changes. This can be a hard pill to swallow, but it is much easier to make the changes now than wait another five or 10 years. In other cases, like with early-stage cancer, having a regular doctor checkup can be life-saving.

Regular Blood Tests: For many of us, it is tempting to anecdotally diagnose our own health. I feel good today, therefore I must be healthy. However, there could be lurking health problems that aren't yet apparent. These types of health problems are often diagnosed with a blood test. Having blood work done can help hedge health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, anemia, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease. Blood tests can also help you be assured that your liver, kidneys, and other organs are healthy and happy.

Identify Stress-Related Disease: Even if you feel perfectly healthy, there is a good chance that you feel significant stress in your life from time to time (or perhaps frequently). Because we live in such a hectic, high paced world with intense work schedules and personal commitments, stress-related sickness is on the rise. High stress levels can instigate a variety of health-related issues such as hypertension, high blood pressure, weight gain, mental disorders (depression, anxiety), and even digestive problems. Having a regular medical checkup can help diagnose these problems before they turn serious, and sometimes the doctor may just prescribe you a vacation!

Keeps You Informed and In Control: When it comes to health, you are in control. You drive your body every day to be healthy or to be sick based on the choices you make. What you eat, how you exercise (or if you exercise), and what you do to take care of your mental health all play into how well your body will perform. Taking time for regular checkups with family physicians or a doctor can help you stay informed about your health and help you make important decisions.

Remember, your health isn't just about you. Your health impacts you, your spouse, your children, and your friends and family. Stay healthy for you and for them. Take this matter seriously.